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About our school

           Ismailli school#1 named after Israil  Hasanov

                                        About our school

Our school name is school #1 named after Israil Hasanov. He is a scientist from our region that is why our school carries his name. Our school is founded in 1961. There are 1291 students and 140 teachers in our school. 671 of them are boys, 620 of them are girls. The first principal of our school was Israil Hasanov.  We study in the 6th and 7th grade. Our school is very big. It is situated in the center of the region. We have very good, innovative and kind teachers at our school. Our school looks like a letter H. Our school is public. We have got a uniform at our school. The director and the parents designed our school uniform. Girls wear white blouse and black skirt; the boys wear white shirt and black trousers. In winter we wear suits. We have morning and afternoon classes. Morning classes are from 8 till 1 o’clock; afternoon classes are from 1 till 6 o’clock. We have a canteen at our school and we have lunch there. Every year lots of students enter universities from our school. Our students participate in many projects. The main thing is that they participate in these projects in English.

Till this day, 3 of our students have gone to study in America about a year with the FLEX program. Aynur Ismayilova studied for a year in America and now she is a student at the University of Foreign Languages.

          Saadat Atakishiyeva earned a year study in America and after a year she entered the university there. Now she continues her education in the Dimon university Iowa state.

          Camila Pashayeva earned a year study and now she studies in California. We have contact with our students and their schools, also their families.

          Leyla Atakishiyeva and Seljug Suleymanli participated with their teacher Shukufa Najafova in “Leadership” project and they earned 2 weeks study in America. They presented there and their friends like their work.

          Farah Maharramova participated in “Global scholarship” project and was choosen as a global student in the world.

          As of now, Shukufa Najafova participates with her students in the “Global Classroom” project and lots of IEARN projects. She is the facilitator of 2 projects in IEARN: “Folk Tales” and “Local History”.

          Shukufa Najafova also participates in AzETA conferences and presented there. She has made her teacher’s website.

The address of her site is: http://shukufanajafovassite.blogspot.com/

          She has also prepared a blog for the “Local History”.  It is about Ismailli. The address is:


Also Shukufa Najafova participated in TEA program and was chosen as finalist. She was in USA about 6 weeks by TEA program. She also was in Turkey and presents her IEARN project there. In 2009 she was in the workshop and conference in Morocco. One of her student is in London now and he opened Azeri school there called “Caspian Khazri”. He also publishes a newspaper called “Araz”. He also opened there “A young’s club”. Shukufa Najafova is the member of International Teacher’s Association.  

We have Azeri and Russian sectors at our school. Lots of our graduators work in abroad. Vusal Hamzayev works in London. He opened Azerbaijani school there and at the same time he publishes a newspaper named “Araz” there. Rashad Huseynov works in OSCE as a diplomat.

          One of our students Seymur Mammadli works in ANS TV as a translator.

          In 2008 our school participated in the competition held by our government called “The best school of the year” and won. Two of our teachers also participated in the competition called “The best teacher of the year” and won. They are Shukufa Najafova our English teacher and Ulviyya Tahirova.

          We love our school and hope that you will like our school.


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