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History of Azerbaijan

                                                        The History of Azerbaijan

     Azerbaijan has a very glorious and heroic history.  In Azerbaijan great sons such as Javanshir, Babek, Shah Ismail Hetayi, Koroglu, Javad Khan, and others grew up.  These sons of the motherland always thought about their homeland’s benefit.  For example, Javanshir spent sleepless nights and thought about how he can be useful for his people.  He became a great leader and created the Girdman State in the 7th century.  Another example, in the 9th century the Arabians invaded Azerbaijan and Babek decided to save his people from the enemies.  He fought more than 20 years against the Arabian Khalafat and even though he lost, he fight shocked thoroughly the Arabian Khalafat.  At last he died for his people, he sacrificed himself for his people, for his motherland. We can’t say that there are not black days in our history.  Azerbaijan’s nature, its geographical position, and its natural riches, have always attracted strangers.  We, the hospitable and peaceful Azerbaijani people, always saw treason from our neighbors.  We have had a lot of tragedies, they include, 944 the tragedy of Berda by the Russians, tragedies in the 13th and 14th centuries by the Mongols, the Russians again in the 17th and 18th centuries, 1804 the tragedy of Ganga where Javad Khan said that the Russians could only enter the city over his dead body.  In 1828 Azerbaijan was separated into two parts by Iran and Russia by the Turkmenchay Treaty.  The North was given to Russia and the South to Iran.  The Araz River was the frontier.
When M. A. Resulzade came to government in 1918, he saved north Azerbaijan from the Russians.  He created the first democratic state in the East, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.   But our southern land is still in Iran.  With great sorrow, I must say that our Borchali region was given to Georgia, Darban to Russia, and the paradise of Azerbaijan, Goyche Mahali to Armenia.  The Armenians have never had their own place.  In the end, they defeated the eye of Azerbaijan – GARABAGH.  Now they are living on Azerbaijan lands.  They committed the 1918 genocide, the tragedy of the 20th of January 1990, and the tragedy of Xojali on the 26th of February 1992.  They acted wildly, they killed children, elderly people, and women.  But they must know that from the ancient times GARABAGH was our land and always will be.  Azerbaijan is invincible. In the end we want to say that we are proud that we are a citizen of a republic like Azerbaijan and we hope and we believe that soon we will save our land from the damned enemies.

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