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Ismailli`s Climate

                                  ISMAILLY`S CLIMATE

Ismailly region is situated on the low hills of the South Caucasus. This region mostly has a mile climate.As the territory   is consisted of the mountains and plains inside the mild climate it has branches as warm climate. The precipitation is fallen equally in the second part of the climate cold climate and mountain- tundra types of climate. On average precipitations yearly are 900-1600 mm. The temperature on the high mountain places usual below 0 but on the plans +15 +20 degrees, in the north places +2 +6 and in the south places +10 +14 degrees. Ismailly is one of the most beautiful and splendid regions of Azerbaijan. Green forests, water full rivers nice nature makes this place practice for the foreigners and not only. Every season has its own charm here and summer does too. The sun shines brightly but it is not very hot here. The Caucasus keep this place cool in summer and because of it there are no very strong winds in this area. The winter season is different in different parts of region because of their situation. In the villages which are situated on the slopes of the mountains like Bascal, Lahic winter is usually snowy and harsh. Fall and spring are very foggy, misty and wet here. But in places near to Aran zone winter is mild .They are Kurtmashi, Qubaxelilli, Geraybeyli and others. There are some differences between the regions situated in the south and places situated in the north of the Ismailly. At the places which are situated on the West part plants and climate are very different not the same. These places have more plants and forests. Ismailly is consisted of 111 villages and 2 little towns.

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