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Famous People

                       The Famous People of Ismayilli

  There are many famous poets, scientists, writers, actors, ect in Ismayilli.  We want to name some of them:  Professorial candidates Teshekkul Parlanov and Hilal Elesgerov, Pedogogical Professorial Candidate Endelib Quliyev, Biology Professorial Candidate Shehriyar Meherremov, Physics and Mathematics Professorial Candidates Agaqasim Qasimov and Burhan Javadov, Techical Professorial Candidate Behram Quliyev, Police Chiefs Eziz Movlamov and Ibrahim Bagirov, History Professorial Candidate Nejjar Mustafayev, the famous oil engineer Semaye Huseynova, the redactor of the newspaper Elin Sozu” Dashdemir Ajderoglu, the pilot Salah Alakbarzade, doctor Nargiz Aliyeva and Tahir Mammadov.  Ismailli’s native children are famous not only in Azerbaijan, but in the world. Some of them lived and work in other countries. For example: Turkmanistan`s Repablic Honored teacher, Filology Professorial Candidates, and professor Tahir Ceferli, Italy`s national hero Memmed  Bagirov, the hero of the Soviet Union, Behyeddin Mireyev, for whom a school was named in Ukraine, and Vahab Qasimov, who is buried in Berlin, among others. One of the famous people of Ismayilli, Maqsud Cavadov, did much research in Azerbaijan on the history of math, wrote many science articles and printed many books. We want to tell you about some interesting facts: A citizen of the village Lahic, Ganci (1714-1715), gained fame for his copper work and art in making samavars from copper.  It is said that one of his samavars was given to the Russian Csarista Katherine the Great and its creator was given a medal.  In the 1862 London World Fair, a scarf maker from Basqal, Nesir the son of Abdulleziz, represented Azerbaijan by winning a silver medal for his presentation of kelegayis (traditional Azerbaijani silk shawls).

                           This is silk kerchief made in Basqal


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