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Literature and Arts

Literature and Arts
                About İsmailli’s famous Literary Personalities

    Our region Ismailli has brought up many famous persons. For example: The scientist and writer Manaf Suleymanov, the doctor and theologian Molla Mahammad Rza, the outstanding member of the women movement, the director of the magazine “Azerbaijan qadını” and science history Hokuma Sultanova, the commander of Azerbaijan division Seyfulla Mehdiyev, academic, the professor on chemistry Soltan Mehdiyev, the first director of law school, the teacher of Baku State University Yusif Rahimli, the best of Azerbaijan artist, painter Ağa Mehdiyev, the economic scientist, the first ship captain Shovkat Suleymanova.  Geology-mineralogy scientific S. Suleymanova and so on. There lived many educated persons in our region İsmailli. One of them: is a doctor of technology science, scientist, and academician Tofiq İsmailov. Tofiq Kazım oğlu İsmayılov was born in 1933 in the village of Basqal of İsmailli. He died in 1991.He began to his activity in the palace named after Qaqarin. He finished the secondary school in 1951.He entered the Institute of Connection in Moscow. He worked as a director of the Institute of Cosmic Exploration.  He opened the Air cosmic Institute of Scientific Explore and the Institute of Ecology. He was the author of more than 200 scientific work and inventions. Abulhasan Alakbarzade: He is Azerbaijanian writer.  Çingiz Alakbarzade: He graduated philology faculty of Azerbaijan State University. After graduating Philology faculty of Azerbaijan State University he worked as a teacher in Ali-Bayramlı in 1960. He wrote many interesting stories and novels. For example: “Vulkan”, “Hamilə dəniz”, “Alman şərabı”, “Çılpaqlı”, “Qumarbaz”, “Zindan” and so on. 

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