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About the monuments

                                 ABOUT THE MONUMENTS

Khanagh and Maiden Towers may concern to XI century. Gasimkhan  castle ( XIV cent. ) is  situated  in  7-8 km at the  north  from  Galachig village, near  the  source  of Goychay river on a  high mountain. Gasimkhan castle is one the monuments, which is destroyed much around Gigala´s territory. Sulut, Khankandi and Kurduvan monuments were summer residence of Shirvan leaders. They say the flocks of khan were used to feed in Fit and Niyal mountains. There are continues life more than 2000 years in Khankandi and Kurduvan. One of these monuments is Buzkhana which concern to Shirvan leaders – is Zeyve memorial. (XIX cent.)  Its height is 6 m. In 1805, when the Russians were defeated North Azerbaijan, Shirvan´s lieder Mustafa khan was strengthen in the Fit castle. 
Even though he signed Kurekchay treaty in 1805, 27th of December, he was continued his fight in the Fit castle.One of Sulut monuments is Buzkhana. 650-700 m from Buzkhana in the North, there is “Haram qalasi” or Girkhotag (40 room) monument. Almost, the walls of this castle are quite safe and sound. During Sasani´s period, in the III century some monuments were built with the fear of the North.  For example:  Chavanshir castle stays till now therefore its walls destroy. This monument is a great example for the past of Azerbaijan masters. In some sources were considered that Ismailli’s territory was founded by Cavanshir the ruler of Girdiman state in the 7th century. 

 Another  historical  monument  are   the grave stones, which  are  situated  in Pirdavud cemetery  ( III-I cent. B.C.) The inscriptions in the grave stones prove that, they have very old history. Girlartapa monument is concern to neolith period. The discoveries, which were found from Girlartapa show that, there existed a life from the 5th cent. B.C. till the middle ages during 7000 years.   
Title, Author: The historian Qafar Cabiyev.

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